Grounding Your Soul’s Expression.

Welcome to Soul Emergence, a safe place where you can come & be supported in your healing process, from within yourself, on all levels: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. Kim and Glenn are Light Workers, Energetic Healers, Intuitive Empaths, Ascension Guides and Facilitators whose goal is to nurture and support you, to resolve & complete unresolved trauma & limited beliefs. Replacing with higher frequency energy of Unconditional Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom, Acceptance and Oneness.

The healing tools we use are all based on Unconditional Love and we allow the Creator God Source to work through us, when we work with you, which provides the perfect healing energetic frequency that you need to realign. We ask you to hold an intention for healing and being open to being healed. With our healing space set up to support your conscious choice to heal limitations, negative beliefs, past wounds & guide you towards realignment with your Divine Soul and Mission.

The more you clear & release old stuck and stubborn energies from your past, whether it is in this life time or in past lifetimes. This allows New Frequencies, the New Energies of Love, Compassion, Joy, Freedom, Happiness, Laughter, Hope, Balance & Oneness to Anchor into Your present reality, you transform your reality into one you deserve.

We can all become stuck un-consciously, at a particular and significant time in our lives, when a traumatic event kicks off dis-ease, uncontrolled emotions, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression and you have no idea where it is coming from. These signs and symptoms can also show you that you are Waking up to your Soul Self, or in other words a Spiritual Awakening during this time. You will question your old life and that there is more to life, than just accumulating material things or stuff. Who am I, What is my Purpose, are there any influences from past lives, you will want to dive deep into the most significant questions that allow you to discover who you truly are.

Don’t suffer in silence any more, if you think no one understands and you cannot find help in what is going on with you. Get to the root of where your unique situation first started, what was happening around that time, let’s resolve and complete it so you can get back to a productive and healthy life.

Kim & Glenn can work with you and assist in exploring positive changes involving Health issues, breaking unhealthy patterns showing up in all your relationships, career dissatisfaction, allowing abundance to flow freely towards you in any area of your life, delving and staying stuck in past issues, letting go and clearing negative and unhealthy family patterns, working through the natural grieving process, and finally freeing you from constantly feeling anxious, stressed and depressed allowing you to be free in your New Frequency Reality.

Soul Emergence is here with tools, techniques & information to help ease the current process of transformation. If you are a newly Awakening Soul &/or you have been going through this process for many years, we can help.

Glenn & Kim have been on this Awakening process for 25 years. We have our own personal experiences to draw from, we also have under taken many courses to equip ourselves with tools to assist with understanding & offering relief to the symptoms that arise.

We offer Energy Healing in the form of what we have called Soul Healings. Where we use in combination, or on its own the Energy Healing of Theta Healing, Homoeopathy, Australian Bush Flowers, Crystals & Chakra Balancing.

We specialise in supporting Sensitive Souls, Highly Sensitive Souls & Empaths.

Turn on your Soul’s Light & shine ever so brightly, unite with your Soul Sisters & Soul Brothers & be one with your Soul Family & together we can Light up this beautiful beloved planet Earth & bring her back to her original pristine state into the Higher Dimensions from where she came forth, shining brightly as a STAR! We are all coming home!

Love, light & blessings Kim & Glenn.