” There are no limitations, unless you create them yourselves. Anything is possible. You are only limited by your own imagination.”

Dolores Cannon

Soul Healings are Energetic Healings that have been created to assist you in releasing & permanently clearing your Outdated Patterns Wounds, Trauma, Limited Beliefs in your Physical, Emotional, Mental, Ancestral & Soul levels.

A combination of Energetic techniques are used to help you shift your Consciousness from the Small Limited Patterns & realign to your Soul’s Unique Expression. This means that you Consciously choose to vibrate at a Higher Frequency, that is more from Unconditional Love & Acceptance of yourself. This is known as the Soul Alignment Process. As you continue to release the outdated patterns & your past, you begin to live your life through expressing the pure energy of your Soul & thus experience more Joy, Peace, Compassion, Unconditional Love & Acceptance. Life becomes much more Authentic, True to yourself.

Assistance can be provided with any situation to clear beliefs & use of energetic techniques & vibrational essences to clear what no long serves. Some examples are:  Assistance to reduce stress & anxiety, assistance with the grieving process, emotional healing, clarification with the Awakening/Ascension process, Chakra balancing & understanding of your own intuitive senses.

Soul Healings to begin with are about having a conversation with you about the block or issue that you need help with. From there, we use techniques, often simply through the process of conversation & energetic alignment to help Remove, Dissolve & give Higher Perspective.

Useful when you are working through something & you are taking proactive action to clear the outdated pattern/s before it becomes too overwhelming. Or if you have been stuck with some aspect for sometime & haven’t been able to go deep enough into it & you need to access more information, the Soul Healings are very helpful. We always create & work in a safe & nurturing environment.

Can be undertaken as an adjunct to conventional medicine, as there is no interference with conventional medicine. All is energetic & gets into the root cause of the issue.

Done via Skype, Phone (if in Australia), Facebook Messenger.


Thanks Glenn for helping me realise that I was accepting abuse from family members that I didn’t see. I didn’t see my own self worth, I felt miserable & kept beating myself up. You helped me to let go of the original trauma where this began, & I started to see how much self love I needed to give to myself. My life has improved since seeing you.

Elisabeth Chatswood Sydney

Dearest Kim, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the getting my life back on track through these incredible high vibrational healings. Before my first healing session I was feeling depleted physically and mentally which left me feeling weak, vulnerable, disempowered and completely out of sorts. I’d been given a clean bill of health from my GP so the only other option was an alternative to medicine. After 4 sessions I can confidently recommend these healings to anybody looking for a pick me up that packs a punch. I’ve not only regained my energy but I feel so empowered and now ready to dive into the next chapter of my life. I’m ever so grateful that I found your website and took the plunge and booked in for a healing. All during the COVID19 lockdown thanks to distant healing. I can’t thankyou enough.               

Jennifer Vic

Seeing Glenn helped with me with my self esteem issues. He supported me with Theta healing, vibrational essences , as I was going through a challenging relationship. He was very easy to talk to & supportive as I was working out what I wanted to do. The vibrational essences helped me to find my own insights & to be more confident with my own choices & swayed by what other people wanted for me. I have felt much happier since the healing sessions that I have had. Thanks Glenn.

Sophia Balmain Sydney

I would like to thank Kim for her assistance in helping me release some beliefs from when I was in my twenties, where I was holding onto a past career that didn’t serve me. However I still carried regret about not entering into that path, which was affecting my ability to be joyful in my present life. After the healing session I felt so much lighter & happier. Thank you so much for the healing.

Julie Lane Cove Sydney

I have been going to Glenn for some time & I feel safe, nurtured & understood as I am a very sensitive & intuitive person. Glenn’s Theta healing, Vibrational Essences & Homoeopathy have continually helped me align & balance. There are many times that I get ungrounded & panicky, or I have picked up other people’s stuff, or I have needed to release a lot of heartache. Each healing session over the years has helped me release, centre & balance. Thank you so much Glenn, for all of your help, it has made my journey much easier having found someone with your ability to understand & your skills to help.

Kate Greenwich Sydney

If you are going through any form of distress, be that mental, emotional, physical or a spiritual crisis, I can’t recommend Kim more highly for her wealth of experience, beautiful loving energy and awareness. No longer do you have to struggle, cycling through never ending painful story lines. You can receive healing at multiple levels of your Being, which can have an immediate and positive effect on your life going forward. Kim is truly capable of offering you your own personalised SOULution. Even if you are a healer yourself or working in a helping profession- Kim is the healer of healers. I feel positive about my future and relaxed knowing that if I ever need a helping hand, I don’t have to search anymore because I have found the best of the best. So happy! Thank you,                                                Emily Sydney