“Astrology is a Language if you Understand this Language, the Sky Speaks to you.”

Dane Rudhyar

Astrology is a fantastic tool to discover & increase your awareness of your Soul. The chart allows to see, recognise & understand your challenges appearing in your life. Discover your patterns in relation to relationships, career and where you are drawn to, your comfort zone this can be because you did this in a past life situation and you are remembering this go to comfortable place. Allow balance to flow into your life through knowing & focusing on your strengths.

Allows parents a head start with gaining insights about the unique nature of your child’s Soul, helping to support decisions on how to guide her/him on their life journey. What works for them, what their strengths are, what their challenges are.

Glenn has a unique way of using his natural intuition & experience with working with people to gain helpful insights with all of his Astrology Natal Charts. The more we know about our Soul & why it has come to the earth School, the easier it is to provide the right support.

Natal charts provide detailed information about the 12 Houses. The 12 Houses are: Public Personality, Material Security, Communication & Learning, Home & Family Life, Creative Self Expression, Work & Service, Relationships, Emotional & Soul Security, Spirituality & Higher Thought, Career Ambitions & Achievemnets, Social & Intellectual Security & Learning on the Emotional & Soul Level. This helps to understand yourself, your actions, thoughts, beliefs, strengths & learnings.

The Chart looks at your North Node, where you are heading & your South Node, where you have been. This provides insights into your identity & assists in Self Acceptance. Once you gain the understanding of where you have been & why you are acting the way you are, due to past life experiences. Then the next step, is to understand where you are going & hence the out dated behavious you are required to leave behind, so that you can learn your lessons in this life time & evolve. Knowing this information makes it much easier to learn your lessons & know what to let go of.

The Natal Chart looks at Chiron (wounded healer) & where it is placed. Showing you what your Core Woundings are. Knowing this helps greatly with Self Understanding & Acceptance. In some ways, it feels like relief to know that is what has happened to you & now you can take charge, to heal this yourself & with the assitance of Energy Healing.

All charts are done via email. Once you have booked your Astrology Natal Chart, you will receive an email requesting details: Date of Birth, Place of Birth & Time of Birth. When Glenn has received these details, he will create a report which is also Light Encoded. This means that you will receive Aligned Energies through the words, to assist your Alignment with your Soul. You can see this as a Healing Energy for your Soul. Parents will  be able to pass this energetically to their children.

You will receive your Astrology Natal Chart normally with in 4-5 days.

Astrology is like this fantastic road map from the heavens. As soon as you are born with that exact time on the clock there is a snap shot of the sky taken with all its glory. This is you and this is what you will work with in your life as it unravels.


I went & saw Glenn to have a chart done for my new born baby girl. I was curious to see what her Soul was about. To get to know more information about her so that I could better relate. I found that the information I received has helped me to have a better understanding of my child. Thank you Glenn for your ability to relate.

Jennifer Waverton Sydney

Thanks Glenn for the Natal Chart, I came to see you to get some guidance for a confusing time I was going through with my career & primary relationship. The chart gave me clarity into myself & the way I see things & how that was different to that of my spouse. This helped with being able to communicate more clearly who I was. I also realised that I wasn’t aligned with my Soul as far as my work was concerned. I was quite relieved to have this confirmation with my inner knowing & helped me to think about different career choices that I would be happier with.

Gregg Chatswood Sydney

I was very happy to have found Glenn who helped me by creating my Natal Chart. I had recently retired & was feeling lost, the information in my chart that came through & Glenn’s intuitive gifts gave me the necessary clarity & ideas for what I wanted to do next. I am very grateful for your assistance, thank you.

Elenor Oately Sydney