About us

Kim Wilshere N.D., Dip. Hom., BHSc., BEd(Sc).
Kim is a Multidimensional Energy Healer who helps facilitate healings for people to become empowered by clearing woundings, trauma & limited beliefs. She specialises in getting to the Core Woundings & clearing from that depth.
Kim has 23 years of experience in alternative healing. Starting as a fully qualified Naturopath, Homoeopath, Reiki Master Teacher, Theta Healing Basic & Advanced, Akashic Records Reader.

Kim’s prior background is Bachelor of Education(Science) & 10 years in the IT Corporate world, thus she has a very well rounded perception from experience of many areas which include the structured left brain & the intuitive right brain & has the ability to use both in her healings & teachings. She is very passionate about assisting others in changing there perception of their own reality in a way that enhances their lives. Kim loves helping people see how they can make change really easy & fun that brings so much more joy to their lives. She believes there is Another Way that is so much easier & a more joyful way of learning our lessons here on our beloved Mother Earth.


Glenn Wilshere N.D., Dip. Hom., BHSc.
Glenn is a practitioner of Vibrational Medicine, a Multidimensional Energy Healer who assists people to connect to their inner joy & happiness by working with people to release their trauma & emotional blocks.

Glenn has 27 years of experience in the Alternative Health World. Starting with assisting people in their nutritional and weight training needs as a Personal trainer, then becoming a Fully qualified Naturopath, Homoeopath, Reiki Master Teacher, Theta Healer Basic & Advanced & finally a Soul Centered  Astrologer. Having all these healing modalities allows me to assist you in a variety of ways and get to the underlying cause of what is troubling you.

Glenn’s strengths lie in a very grounded approach to find the root cause of the imbalance/dis-ease. Being able to see & make the connections between the physical body & the emotional, mental, ancestral & Soul levels.

Glenn is very passionate about connecting with people & assisting them to see the expanded reasons for what is going on in their lives & body, which creates the process of healing.

Glenn is also drawn to the ways of the Native American people through uses of the four directions and the medicine wheel and how they honoured nature. Glenn love’s how they incorporate Mother Earth (Gaia), Father Sky the Creator Spirit and the Spirits of the four directions showing you your life in cycles.


Kim & Glenn have moved from Sydney & now continue their work on the Central Coast, Empire Bay NSW, Australia. With our beloved dog Merlin & his brother Oscar the cat. Surrounded by nature, beautiful trees & the ocean.

We have started our foundational training by completing a Degree in Naturopathy. We then continued on our journey & were guided to study Energetic methods of healing. We spent 6 years running out own healing centre, working with many clients. We have since & continue to constantly upgrade our skills & knowledge by studying with different teachers. We are now at a place where we channel & create our own healing methods by combining all of our knowledge & experience into Multidimensional Healing seessions catered to your individual needs at the time that you see us.

We are ultimately into Awakening into Remembering who we truly are & both personal & planetary Ascension of Mother Earth & all Souls wishing to Ascend with her. As we personally experience our own Awakening & Ascension journey with its many ups & downs & turns, we are very practical with assisting others & love sharing our experience & tools, so that it is a little lighter for all of us. We welcome all who resonate with us & all that we wish to share.

Much love, light, blessings & gratitude,

Kim & Glenn